Classical Conversations Review Game- Simple Board Game


I made a simple board game to use for review in my Foundations class. 

I drew a winding path about one inch wide on an 11 by 17 sheet of paper with a sharpie. 

Next, I portioned the path into squares of equal size. 

I labeled one end of the path "Start" and the other "Finish." 

With a black pen, each block has the title of one subject "History, Timeline, Math, etc." 

I used colored pencils to fill each block with the color that corresponds to the CC Memory Work cards- Math is pink, History is light blue, Timeline is a blue-green, etc. 

Each student got a different game piece. 

(In my case, I actually made game pieces for each student out of unused Jenga pieces, acrylic paint, super glue, goggle eyes, and a Sharpie. The pieces look like the students with the same hair color and length, etc.)

If I hadn't made custom pieces for each student, I could have used a collection of various game pieces from other board games. For example, a combination of Monopoly and Sorry game pieces would work. Students just need to choose a unique piece and use it for the duration of the game.  

I pulled out all the CC memory cards for all the weeks we are reviewing (the current week plus the six previous weeks). 

We gathered around a table in our classroom to play. 

Students went in the order they stood around the table to keep the order straight. 

Students rolled one dice (or used a dice app on my phone when I forgot to bring a dice) to determine how far they went on their turns. 

If they landed on a History square, I pulled a random History memory work card. 

In my class, the entire class answers the prompt on the card together unless the student wants to try to answer the question without any help. 

We have used this game for review more than once, so I keep the game pieces for now, but I plan to give my students their look-alike game piece at the end of this year as a keepsake. 


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