Foundations Review Game- Bucket Game

At our local Dollar Store, I found a number of colorful buckets that matched the colors of the CC Foundations Memory Work flashcards. 

So I purchased a yellow bucket (for science), blue (for history), turquoise (for timeline), violet (for geography), orange (for Latin), pink (for math), and multi-colored striped (for wild). 

I gathered all the CC Memory Work cards that we needed to review that week in class (the current week plus the six previous weeks.) 

I let my class line up and toss a pom-pom into the buckets one at a time. 

I gave them a memory work question that corresponded to the color of the bucket (subject) their pom-pom landed inside.

For example, if a pom-pom went in to the yellow bucket, I gave the student a Science question. 

The class usually answered as one unless the student really wanted to answer alone. 

If the pom-pom went in to the violet bucket, I gave a geography question. 

Everyone gathered around the map on the wall, but the student who tossed the pom-pom in pointed to the items on the map. 

If the students tossed the pom-pom into the multi-colored bucket, I let them choose the subject they wanted to answer a question about. 

If they missed all the buckets and the pom-pom landed on the floor, I gave them a question from English, since I didn't have a green bucket to match those cards. 

I did this until the English cards were entirely used. After that, if their pom-pom landed on the floor, I gave them a random card from any subject. 

*We got through all the memory work with this game.*

If/ when that happens, I give my class a prize at the start of the next week's class, so everyone becomes motivated to stay on task and keep the game moving.