Cookie Baking and Decorating

The girls are taking a cookie decorating class at co-op. 

So they're doing a lot of cookie baking in this season. 
I've actually lost track of the number of batches they've made at this point. 

They're learning a lot, especially with all this extra practice at home. 

Here are a collection of photos from different batches. 

Did I mention they're learning a lot?
I just wish I could say they cleaned as well as they bake and decorate at this point. 

Sometimes I wipe my counters and I can still feel the candy coating left behind by all the powdered sugar wiped up but not all the way gone.  

It's a definite change for me to let them mess up my kitchen so often. 
I would not have allowed my oldest to bake (mess) this freely or frequently. 
But now that my oldest is in college and cooking for herself everyday, I have new perspective. 
I can see how essential these skills are and how short the time is. 
So I'm glad they're learning and practicing these things that will bless themselves and others for a lifetime now. 

Also, I don't mind eating some of the cookies. 



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