"All the very nice people leave their porch lights on."

Norah dressed up as a butterfly this Halloween. But, her butterfly costume looked suspiciously like a house fly to us, so Dwayne thought about making and carrying around a huge flyswatter as a prop. But, we didn't have time to make it and we weren't sure whether our neighbors would think it was as funny as we would.

We've taken a lap around our block the past three years now, visiting our neighbors, some of whom are elderly, but still manage to be generous and get up as often as the door bell rings. We always save our closest neighbors for the end of the route. The fireman next door just pours candy into Norah's canvas bag and the couple across the street, Norah's "grandneighbors" as they call themselves, made a paper bag with Norah's name on it and stocked it with special things for her this year.

After we gather what we can on that one block, we come home, turn on our porch light and give away candy to the kids who are still coming. Norah gave out the suckers this year, with a little help from me when she may have been moving too slow. Her dad made a fire and we all ate some of the candy while we rested on the couch.


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