We're back from Vegas. I had fun, but missed Norah much more than I expected I would. I was surprised to see more families with kids in our hotel than I imagined, but MGM Grand proved to be one of the classiest hotels among those we walked through. Norah, on the other hand, didn't seem to miss me at all. I called her daily, but she was often too busy to talk. She actually wanted to cry when she had to leave her aunt's house. I hope this says more about her love for her aunt, uncle and cousins and less about her lack of affection for her mom and dad.
We saw part of the Grand Canyon and Mississippi River from the plane. During some of the evenings, we walked the strip to see the lights of Vegas, the fountain at Bellagio and Bodies: The Exhibition at the Luxor. We even considered renewing our vows, but couldn't find a sleazy enough chapel to make it fun enough to be worth our while. Most of the hotels had wedding chapels, but none of them had Elvis or Marilyn on staff. They were all very classy, not at all what you see on the movies. So, I guess there are sober people who actually plan to get married in Vegas... Who knew?!
I spent my mornings having breakfast in our king size bed, watching the cable television and my afternoons laying by the pools, trying to get a tan. Dwayne's conference finished early on Friday, so we were able to spend some time that day together and we cruised the hotel's lazy river. Ruthlessly, he'd push my raft under the waterfalls and into the sprinklers, but that ended up being some of the most fun I had all week. I didn't read The Shack, like I planned. I was doing last minute shopping before the trip and found Beverly Lewis's new book The Longing had been released, so I purchased that and read it during my free time instead.
I am thankful for the break, but vacations always seem to end up reminding me how much I enjoy my every day life. It sounds sappy, but:

All the room service in Vegas can't beat eggs and toast with Norah Elaine in the morning.


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