We are using Bob Jones' K4 Distance Learning Program for Norah's homeschool right now. Norah's teacher on the DVD shared the plan of salvation using a wordless book today. The pages had no text, but they were different colors: black, red, white and yellow... Each color represented something Jesus did for us.

When the teacher said, "Jesus washes our hearts clean and they become as white as snow," showing the white page, Norah corrected her with some disdain, "No! Our hearts are red!" Of course, the teacher couldn't hear this, but I did and it made me laugh to myself.

So, with that, the effect of the story about what Jesus had done for our hearts was totally ruined on her. I admit, I didn't even try to explain. I might have missed a teachable moment, but when Norah turned to give me a look equivalent to rolling her eyes at her teacher (on the TV screen over her shoulder), I just shrugged my shoulders.

I think it is important that I try and cover that one with her later, when I stop laughing about it.

Norah can be a real handful.

Another teacher at church told me about something she did last Sunday. While telling the story of the creation, the teacher said, "And God saw everything that He had made and it was good." Norah immediately expressed her doubts. "Even bees?" the teacher said she asked through squinted eyes. "Well..." the teacher said, "Yes." "No." Norah said, "Cause they sting me."


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