I put a block of cheddar cheese in the bottom kitchen drawer a few days ago. I found it there around lunch time the next day when I was going to get some crackers.

You know what makes this worse?

The night before, when I was cleaning up after dinner, I remember catching myself as I was putting that same block of cheese into the kitchen cabinet. I laughed at my near-mistake and rolled my eyes. But, I think I must have just turned around only to put the cheese into the drawer instead of the fridge.

I thought that was an isolated incident.

But, Dwayne decided to meet us for lunch today. We were out separately to do different errands. We were supposed to meet at Nardelli's, a popular sandwich place here in Waterbury. I got there, parked the car, got out, got Norah out, walked all the way to the door. This is when, through the glass, I notice a man looking at me funny from the other side of the counter. (The look on his face was only my first clue that something may be wrong). I go again to open the door. (But he's still looking at me that way). So, I back up and look around, back up even more and look around, get all the way to the curb of the sidewalk I'm on and look up at the sign on the building. I wasn't at Nardelli's. I was about to go into some random foreign food market.

That's when I looked all the way down the street to see Dwayne a few hundred yards away. He's peeking over cars parked along the road, waving. He was polite and laughed about it, but I think he's worried about me. I'm worried about me! It's got to be "the hormonies" to quote Aunt Voula from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This pregnancy must be clouding my head.


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