My birthday is tomorrow, but I am going out of town first thing in the morning, so Dwayne gave me my gifts tonight. As always, he got me the best presents ever!

He ordered me a new CD player for my car! (My old one decided to stop working half of the time and then, the other half of the time, it wouldn't let me skip songs without spitting out my CDs.) I was really heartbroken about this because I listen and sing along to worship music while I drive. I have to give him credit, Dwayne was really on his game to fix this issue for me before it became a burden to my heart. This CD player is so nice it will not only play CDs (which is all I would have expected it to do), it will actually connect with my cell phone through Bluetooth and turn the music down for me when I receive a call! I'll be able to talk to the person without holding the phone to my ear and I will hear the person calling through my car speakers! And, the best part... I can plug my I-pod (with all my worship songs on it) directly into my CD player! Like I said, it's the best gift ever!

And, just when I thought it couldn't get any better than that, these GOYA labels fell out of my birthday card. "What are these?" I asked him. Dwayne said, "They are 'Get Off Your Ass' passes." Ha! Ha! Ha! "Awesome!" I said. Dwayne told me that when he's being lazy and just sitting there when I need his help, I can throw one of these at him and he'll step to it. To that, I said, jokingly, "Only four?!"


Joanna said…
I love it! I'm going to cut all my GOYA labels off the cans right now!

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