I make some of the best chocolate chip cookies known to man. It's just a fact. I'm also chubby. These two things may seem entirely unrelated, but I don't think they are. In fact, I am pretty sure it's a rule that you can't bake well unless you are overweight. In my experience, most skinny people make terrible cookies. Their cookies are only edible for the first five minutes after they are pulled from the oven. After that, everyone is just disappointed in them.

But, in defense of skinny people, I have a friend (who is very skinny) who can make tofu and spinach taste like pasta and cream sauce. No, not really. But, what I mean is that she can take something that looks like grass, something seemingly inedible and after she cooks it and spices it up, people bite into it and say with surprise, "Hum! I didn't know _ could taste this good!" etc. and then they can actually swallow this food that is very close to the hey horses eat without gagging it up the next second. This is my skinny friend's gift.

But, it's not my gift.

And, I am okay with that.


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