Norah's going to be an ancient Egyptian princess for Halloween this year. Here's a photo of her in costume taken a view days ago at a fall farm event.

In keeping with the theme, we're going to wrap her baby sister in gauze and she will be a little Egyptian mummy. Dwayne spent the morning building a sarcophagus to hang on top of the little red wagon.

When it was complete, he took it off and spray painted it gold.

Once it was dry, I sketched the face and torso of Pharaoh on top.

With our help, Norah has been painting the outlines in with color. We will probably add some hieroglyphics to the sides tomorrow and Norah will paint those, too.

This whole thing just hangs right on top of the wagon and part of the lid comes off where Avril will sit up out of it. So, Avril, our little mummy, will get to ride along in her sarcophagus while her big sister goes door to door trick or treating. It should be really funny to watch.


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