We set up Norah's Desert Biodome (and we have been trying to make sure it gets enough sun).


keptwoman said…
What science are you doing? It looks fabulous.
We're not really doing a formal science curriculum right now. :( We do own the book "First Animals Encyclopedia" recommended by The Well Trained Mind for first grade life science to study animals... But, we could read that in one day. It's got beautiful pictures, but it is full of captions and one liners and only brushes by topics. We have to seek other resources at the library (like the Let's Read and Find Out books) to "go deeper." So, we're just reading about what we are interested in (or what we can find books about!!!), doing experiments that sound interesting or that go along with topics we come across and we are trying to take field trips that connect to what we doing. Today, for example, Norah drew a picture about a starfish she saw at the aquarium the other day. We will put it in her nature journal. We plan to read about starfish tomorrow... I don't have a book for that, so I will use a list of questions like "Where do starfish live?" and "What do they eat?" and we will have to find that info online. She will add the answers to her nature notebook along with the picture she drew. I am going to look into taking a field trip to a candy factory (because we made bubble gum the other day). It would be good timing and we could come back from that and make another batch of gum or some other kind of candy. We just let one thing build on another and for now, we are learning a lot that way... not to mention, having a lot of fun!

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