"Hi. My name is Veronica and I'm a home schooling mom."

Norah lost another tooth the other day. And, this feels more like a confession than a narration, but the tooth fairy brought her flash cards... the kind with animal photos and facts on them.

Now before you judge me too hard, you should know that she loved them and by the time she had gotten out of bed that morning, she had memorized most of the facts on them.

Later that day, she even told me how ladybugs mate.

But, later that day she also told me that she was bummed she didn't get "cash... like my friends do or another Amazing Hamster or something fun."

To this, I told her that she has a lot more baby teeth. (But, I also wondered what I'm supposed do with the two other decks of science flash cards still in my closet.)

And, after my husband found out about the flashcards and proceeded to shame and mock me for a few hours, I began conceding that he may have a point.

I may have a problem...


But, that's a first step toward change, right?

"Hi. My name is Veronica and I'm a home schooling mom."


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