I didn't even realize some of the things that I was doing on a regular basis at the end of 2010 were resolutions that I had made at the beginning of that year. So, I hope that making more resolutions for 2011 (and revisiting them from time to time) can be just as effective as it was last year.

My Resolutions for 2011.

Let Norah play outside
I'll start this right away. We still have a ton of untouched snow in the yard.

Read through the entire Bible.
I've started using this plan. But, I may "cheat" and use my Bible on CD to just listen to the whole thing from Genesis through to Revelation.

Hold Dwayne's hand
I heard somewhere that you can't fight and hold hands at the same time. Supposedly, holding hands makes you produce "friendly" hormones. Dwayne and I aren't fighting or anything, but it occurred to me that we stopped holding hands on a regular basis a long time ago. And, I'm thinking that holding hands may lead us from friendly feelings to even friendlier ones and that's something we need to do on a regular basis, too.

At the beginning of last year, I felt like God wanted me to learn to listen when I was in prayer. But, this year, I feel like He is urging me to ask. There are some particular needs that I am hoping God will meet this year.

I want to read one good book each month. I am starting with "To Kill a Mockingbird." I am already halfway through.

Eat fruit and vegetables
I need to make an effort to put more fruits and vegetables on our plates at mealtimes and in between.

No late night eating.
It's a well known fact that I have thyroid problems, but making a batch of cinnamon rolls and a pot of coffee after dinner doesn't help keep the weight off my backside. Even people with healthy thyroids gain weight with bad habits. So, when I am craving something warm and filling in the evening, I think I will try and make a hot cup of tea instead, etc.

Be consistent in the garden.
Once things thaw out in the spring, I'll try and spend a few minutes out in the yard every morning before I make breakfast.

Stop talking in bed.
I stopped complaining last year, mostly. This year, I'm going to try to stop talking in bed. Dwayne's been mumbling about this for as long as we've been sleeping next to each other. I usually wait until he is falling asleep to talk to him about important things. But, he always gets annoyed and begs me to talk to him about these kinds of things before we go to bed, so this year, I am going to try to remember to do that.

Go to be early.
Dwayne has also been asking me to help him get to bed sooner. I'm a night owl and he tends to wait on me before going to bed. This resolution may interfere with the one before it, though. If I do try and talk to Dwayne about "heavy" things before we head to bed, this may keep us up later. Perhaps I could just stop talking to my husband altogether and that would solve both my problems.

I may add a thing or two (or take something away from) this list. But, this is a start.


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