I've decided I'm not going to blog again until I've caught up on my Bible reading for this year.

You may remember that I am trying to read the Bible through in one year. You may also remember that I am three months behind at this point.

Hopefully, this won't mean that I'll never blog again. (If it meant that, I really don't think I'd even make this commitment because I really enjoy blogging.) But I am feeling driven to dedicate the free time I usually spend blogging for the next week or two to reading in my Bible in hopes that I can catch up. If I never blog again, well... you'll know why and you can laugh at me... or shake your head at my shame.

But, here's hoping this commitment lights a Bible-reading fire under my butt.

Note: I am not forgetting how often some of you read my blog and how my dad enjoys seeing pictures of his grand kids, etc. In fact, that is utmost in my mind and I believe it will help me stay motivated to read as much as I can everyday so that I can get back to my blog soon.

For my dad's sake, I think I may post a photo or two in the meantime. But, that leads me to another point. My good camera is broken again... and it's in the shop again.

I'm really hard on cameras. What can I say? Thank God for the warranties we buy. We only had the camera back for a few weeks before I did it in this time.

And, I don't know if you've noticed how foggy and dark my recent pictures have been on the last few posts... But, I'm using my old point and shoot that we keep in the junk drawer. It keeps malfunctioning, too, because it's so old, so for that reason, I am not taking very many pictures of the kids right now anyway, making it an ideal time for me to do this.

Maybe God is allowing my cameras to break/ malfunction so that I will more easily obey his Holy Spirit and do less blogging and more reading. He is jealous for us.

Maybe I will be done with all the Bible reading by the time my good camera is fixed and returned to me.

And maybe you all could pray for me.

This could be a painfully long separation.

But, I don't want it to be, so pray for me.


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