My Resolutions for 2011.

I'm trying not to give into the urge to forget this list even exists, trying to keep it in front of me so I may actually accomplish all these things.

Let Norah play outside
Doing well with this. Norah's been outside everyday (that it hasn't rained) since we've been home from vacation.

Read through the entire Bible.
I'm supposed to be using this plan. But, I am very behind schedule. I think I am almost done with reading for the month of January. Like I said, I'm very behind.

I've enjoyed the prayer times I have had since I've been home from vacation. I find it hard to be in my "secret place" with God while in hospital rooms, hotel rooms or other people's homes.

I read "To Kill a Mockingbird" in January. In February, I read "The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" and "Needless Casualties of War." In March, I read "Dumbing Us Down" and started "Oliver Twist." It's the end of April and I am almost done with it, so I may have slowed down my pace, but I am still on track to average one book every month, basically.

Eat fruit and vegetables
With all the traveling, we have not been eating healthily. But, we are doing better every single day we are home. Yesterday, the girls and I had some grapes, strawberries, broccoli, tangerines and bananas.

No late night eating.
I started doing this again, partly because we are on vacation, party because I am staying up way too late. I had totally forgotten I had resolved not to do this.

Be consistent in the garden.
When the girls go outside to play, I work in the flower bed. I am telling myself that it doesn't have to be perfect all at once, but little by little it will look better and better. I just have to be consistent.

Stop talking in bed.
I had forgotten I had resolved not to do this one, too. Sorry, Dwayne.

Go to be early.
I may need to change this resolution to "No caffeine after 6pm." because I will often crave a soda after dinner and then find that I'm sorry for drinking one when I can't fall sleep till after midnight.


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