I am hijacking this blog for a few minutes to pledge my undying love to the keeper of this blog. Thank you for ignoring those who said we had just met, or were too young, or too poor, or too immature to make it work. Thank you for seeing past my being a yankee, and a Star Trek fan. Thank you for allowing us to be together in our most formative years.  As Christians we believe that the marriage union acts as a metaphor to our relationship with Christ teaching us about love, joy, sacrifice, respect, honor. It truly is my honor to share these 10 years with you, my friend and lover. What a privilege to be looking forward to the next ten with the best woman in the world.

I love you!


A & F said…
Love this; glad we're not the only ones who got told we're too young and stupid :)

Happy 10 year anniversary!

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