Second kids are notorious for not talking as early as the first. But, I asked the doctor if Avril was normal anyway. He asked me, "What do you mean?" I said, "She doesn't talk as much as Norah..." To this, he laughed and said, "No one talks as much as Norah."

Well, that made me feel better about Avril, at least. But, that said. Avril doesn't really talk much at all and I am on and off worried over it, especially now that she is two, officially. (By now, her sister knew all the names and sounds of the letters in the alphabet.) But, I know Avril can talk. She just doesn't.

The other day, I hadn't given the kids breakfast and it was going on 11am. (I know. It's just shocking.) So, Avril walked into the bathroom where I was... um... where I was. And she said, plain as day, "I want some num nums." When she said the word "I" she pointed to her chest. When she got to "num nums," she pointed at her tummy twice.

I was shocked. I had to clarify. "Are you hungry??!" To this, she nodded twice and motioned for me to follow her out of the bathroom. As soon as I could, I did and she proceeded to lead me by the hand straight to the kitchen. That's when she grunted and pointed at the fridge.


I thought that maybe I should delay breakfast everyday.


Maria said…

My second daughter spoke the same 20 words at least for five months, when she was around 2 years old. Suddenly, she started to talk, when she was 26 months, more or less, like a big girl ;-). She uses a lot of words and makes a pretty good grammar. I suppose the question is to wait. Nature is wise.

Great blog. 1kiss.
Donnie D. Evans II said…
It is bad, very bad, to have to lead your mommy by the hand to get her to do her duties 'round the old homestead...
Jeff & Michelle said…
My second son, Paul, learned to talk MUCH more slowly than my oldest, but once he started, he never stopped. Enjoy the quiet while you can! ;-)

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