I'm making a real effort to grow my collection of Usborne books. They're timeless books, the kind that every one of your kids, regardless of age and gender can read and reread through the years. Many of the best home school curricula (The Well Trained Mind, Sonlight, etc.) rely on Usborne books heavily.

If you are interested, you can click here and look through the links on my friend's Usborne website, seeing what's in their online catalog. If you order anything from that link during the month of April, I will earn credit towards more Usborne books for my family, actually... So, please! Order!

Note: If you are a family member of mine and you just want to order something for Norah directly, I am maintaining a wish list here. You can choose the books off the list that you want to provide for us, order and pay for them, but have them sent to our address.

(My Aunt Patti already did this... She got eight of the the ten books I wanted the most... I actually need to "refill" my wish list after she ordered! Ha! Thanks, Patti! I plan to take pictures of Norah reading the books and keep you posted here, telling you what she learns, etc.)

But, even if you order books for your own kids or grand kids... I earn credit from those orders and with enough of them, I'll earn free books for my kids that way, too!


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