This is Avril's new favorite book (and mine, too). We read it at least twice a day right now.

I found this for $3 at the thrift store last week, so I grabbed it right up even though we already have at least three other alphabet books like it. (Books that have a letter on each page with pictures that start with that letter, etc...)

But, before I got this book, I hadn't realized that I was actually avoiding reading to Avril because I was so bored with the books we already had after reading them over and over for years... But, now that we have this new book to explore, I find that I have rediscovered my love for reading to my daughter and it's such a joy to sit down with Avril for fifteen minutes at a time (or more!!! Gasp!) and read through the book and talk about it.

So, learn from my mistake... If reading to your kids is starting of feel like a chore, consider changing your books.


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