We're going on 10 years of marriage this month. It's hard to believe. We got married one Saturday morning smack dab in the middle of our junior year of college, so we never had a honeymoon, officially (unless you count that Monday we skipped all our college classes and stayed in bed). We had to choose between furniture or a honeymoon and we chose the couches we still have in our front room today.

I remember telling Dwayne, "You will just have to take me somewhere really nice on our 10 year anniversary..." And, in my youthful ignorance, I remember thinking that it would certainly be so much easier to get away by the time we had been married for ten years, certainly. But, now, ten years later, with dentist bills and doctor appointments and commitments and a mortgage and a career and two kids and home school, it's much harder to get away now than it was even then.

But, Dwayne kept his promise and he's taking me on a "second honeymoon." But, really, it's a "first." We're going on a cruise in the Caribbean to celebrate. We're also spending a day or two with my family in South Carolina and Dwayne's family in Florida before we come back home to Connecticut.

I have set some things to post while I am away, so keep checking in for now. There will be at least a few new things to see before the blog goes quiet until I get home again.


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