There is always someone I know who needs my prayers. One friend is grieving the loss of a young niece, another is struggling with the prospect of months of sickness, another is battling negative emotions. I don't understand all that happens in the spiritual realm when I take another person's name and dilemma to God over and over again. But, I believe the power of prayer cannot be underestimated. That power doesn't come because of who I am. It comes from the compassionate, powerful God I pray to. But, my comfort in using prayer comes from who I am or rather, how short my sin-list is. The longer I follow God, the more I realize that I do not spend time in God's presence for my own sake alone. Of course, I benefit from time spent with God and the clean conscience that time brings. But, even when I don't feel the need of holiness or friendship with God for my own sake, I must remember to continue to pursue Him so that when I am called on to pray for others, I can step into God's presence carrying their needs in my arms without any awkwardness, without even a moment's delay.

"The prayer of a righteous man (or woman) is powerful and effective."


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