"If you don't have a schedule when you get up in the morning make one up and then tell it to your child." -Susan Wise Bauer

We (meaning I) don't like schedules.

We (meaning I) hate them.

But, ever since I heard Bauer give the advice above, when we're eating breakfast, I'll make a list of what I'd like Norah to do that day for school and I'll let her number the list 1 to whatever and we do the work in that order.

She knows reading always goes last because she reads for an hour or more.

The "school" part of our days go much smoother now.

Norah is more aware that she isn't done when she finishes this or that. She doesn't go running out of the room before I can gather my thoughts like she did before. She usually tells me what's next.

Schedules like this are awesome.


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