My Resolutions for 2011.

Run a 5k.
This one will stay on the list to be completed sometime next year once I am up and going again.

Follow Fly Lady's Flight Plan every single day.
I'm doing better with this since I am not so sick. I can usually manage to do everything Fly Lady assigns by the end of the day or make up for it by doing double or triple later in the week.

Mend my quilts.
I am sewing the girls' Halloween costumes right now. I made Avril a dress and I am working on another dress and two sets of pajamas. I had forgotten I even wanted to mend my quilts. But I think I can manage to mend them as I am sitting under them by the fire and I'm doing that more and more often now that the weather has gotten chilly.

Let Norah play outside
She hasn't been out much at all lately. If it's sunny out this week, I'll encourage her to play in the yard, at least once. I've been meaning to take her to The Jump Zone, but I haven't felt up to that either (or I haven't had the money for admission). One good thing is we are having lots of company and this helps keep her from being isolated. She may be inside, but at least she isn't lonely.

Read through the entire Bible.
I missed about half a dozen days in September, but besides that, I am still on track with this plan. I plan to go back and re-read the six days I missed soon.

I started serving as our community group's prayer leader. It's nothing extraordinary. I just open or close our group prayers and I'll talk about prayer sometimes. I plan to spend some time during the coming weeks praying for my friends in the group and their loved ones, etc. as an unseen yet effective way to bless them.

Read one book every month.
I need to finish King's Cross and then go on from there. I have several books lined up that I'd like to read, but I am out of the habit of reading at this point. I have a lot of catching up to do if I am going to read twelve books for myself by the end of the year.

Eat fruit and vegetables
I haven't been craving fruits and vegetables like I was before so I haven't been eating them as often. When I am not pregnant, I can usually eat what I know is nutritious without consequence, but being pregnant, it seems like my body rejects or and has a much harder time digesting food it doesn't crave. For example, I had some fresh lettuce today and it about killed me. Without warning, I threw up in the kitchen sink as I was working in the kitchen. If I follow my cravings (no matter how unhealthy they are), I never, ever throw up so it's just easier to go with what I want.

No late night eating.
I'm still doing well with this because I try and finish eating and take supplements at least three hours before I go to bed so I am not sick at night.

Be consistent in the garden.
The weeds have taken over out there. I feel sorry for our neighbors who have to see my flower bed but in all honesty, I've totally given up the fight. I'll try to maintain my garden again once my body and my life allow me the freedom to work in the yard again.

Stop talking in bed.
I'm doing alright with this.

Go to be early.
I find it harder to lay in bed lately so I just stay up later and make sure I will actually go right to sleep when I lay down. I will often take cap naps on the couch while Avril naps and after I finish with Norah's school work with her. I might be tired because of the fact that I am up later, but it feels like I am actually just getting worn out quicker because my body is growing and working on this baby.


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