I'm still doing phonics with my youngest.  We are in that tough phase where it feels like we aren't making progress and she doesn't like reading. But I stay consistent with practice, so as not to let her regress. If anything, she is learning to sit still, focus, that mom believes she can do it, that reading is important, etc. This is the third child I will have taught to read, so this is quite familiar territory. The other girls were at different ages when they went through this, but it was the same process. We seem to stay in short vowels forever, then we pass into long vowels and special sounds, and at some point, it all becomes a blur and I can't keep them from the easy readers and then the easy chapter books and then that's it- they can read anything! And they read everything! So I know that will happen in time. I keep a positive demeanor and try to snuggle up and keep our sessions short.  I remember I was not always this confident about teaching reading.  But what I lacked in confidence years ago, I made up for in zeal and determination.  It feels much better to be confident and at rest.  I can remember when I dreamed of teaching my children to read. By God's grace, I have/ I will.  Thank you, Lord.


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