The Story of the World

The littles have started The Story of the World. Norah went through these books many years ago when she was still in Foundations and Essentials.  So it was time for the littles to begin their journey through time with these.

Note: We started on the second book, since it goes with the history cycle we are on in Classical Conversations this year, the Middle Ages.  Perhaps we'll go forward into books three and four and then back track and do the first book when we do Ancient History again in Classical Conversations a few years hence.  Or perhaps we'll back track over the summer, since the girls seem to love this, and don't seem to notice that it is schoolwork.

I'm not worried about starting in the Middle Ages and going out of order, either. At this point in my homeschool journey, I am so laid back its probably contemptible.  But I am just confident hearing the stories in any order will be a benefit and with the the help of the timeline they learn at Classical Conversations, they'll be able to place the stories and images in the right order as they go forward through the years. That is what has happened with my oldest.

For the littles, I'll print a picture or two from the activity book each weekday and let them listen off the computer to one or two chapters of the audio book while they color. I'm collecting their pages in a simple three-prong notebook.


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