Faces of History

We met up with other Essentials students and parents to present our Faces of History via Zoom.

Students choose a character, fictional or actual, from the cycle of history we are on, and parent-teachers help them write an essay about that person summarizing all the reference sources and using the writing techniques and vocabulary we have covered in the Institute for Excellence in Writing. 

This year’s history cycle was the Middle Ages in Foundations and Avril chose Guinevere. 
Last year, she was Artemis for the ancient history cycle. 

Next year, who will she choose? 

Norah did this for three years before entering Challenge when she was Avril’s age. Norah was Hera, Joan of Arc, and Sacagawea. 

These characters all become a part of our family culture and their stories are told and retold. 

We keep the Faces of History costumes (and all Halloween costumes) in a trunk upstairs. 

We keep adding to that trunk and to the store of our history knowledge and imagination and family memories. 


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