Plishner Preserve

We have a book of Redding Trails that we got at the library book sale.

The weather was divine, so I took the book off the shelf and found a trail to explore.

The Plishner Preserve is close to home and joins up with the trails of Putnam Park where we walk all the time.

 I love the rocks and mosses in New England woods.

There are many quiet ponds like this in low places.  They're enchanting and remind me of the wood between the worlds in Narnia.

Quartz crystals everywhere!

This tree is growing over the rock!

From far away, the girls thought these were flowers. Upon closer inspection, we determined these were baby trees growing right onto the base of their mother tree. Here was the only place to find purchase and put down roots without being swamped, since all around the ground everywhere else was quite muddy.  We looked up this massive trunk and the immature branches had smaller leaves reddish like this on the edges and they appeared to be the same shape, only bigger. The most mature branches and leaves way up top were fully green.

Rock crawling, scrambling, climbing, etc. These kids have hinds feet.

 Owl pellets!

These smelled paradisal. Not sure what they are yet.


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