We read aloud almost every night after dinner, since that's the meal we share together around the table.

Sometimes, we'll read aloud after breakfast or lunch, too, if we have those meals together around the table. But that usually only happens on weekends or holidays when we are all home together all day.

We usually read right there at the table, while the girls finish eating or eat candy. The girls can have a one or two pieces of candy after lunch and again after dinner. The candy comes from their Easter or Halloween hauls and yes, they still have candy from those holidays in the cabinet, since they only eat two to four pieces a day.  

I'll clean up the kitchen while we read, but sometimes we'll agree to go to the couch, since it's more comfortable. This picture was taken a few weeks ago during read aloud.

Right now, we're nearing the end of Andrew Peterson's The Warden and the Wolf King.  


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