New Planners

The two oldest girls were excited to go to Staples and pick out their new planners for the coming school year.

I usually have them fill out their planners on Friday, the day after we meet for Classical Conversations.

They plan their school days from Friday through Wednesday of the next week.

Then I take a look and I'll ask them to add things or move things around.

We often debate about the changes.

But I do alot of discipleship through this process.

And I save myself a lot of headaches through the week by doing this the day the week begins.

The calendar serves me as much as it serves them, since it reminds me what I decided to have them do everyday.

And this way, they aren't looking to me to remember what's expected of them every single day.

They can look at their own schedule and I can just make sure and keep them accountable to what's there.  


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