Broccoli Cheddar Quiche

Bake the pie crust:
I'll buy a frozen pie crust and follow the directions on the wrapping to cook. (I usually thaw it while the oven preheats, poke it with a fork, and cook it for ten-twelve minutes, while I am prepping the rest of the quiche.)

To prep the rest of the quiche:

I wash a small bunch of broccoli, cut the heads off the bunch, and boil them in a small pot until they are al dente (approx. five to ten minutes- I poke them with a fork to see if they are soft, yet still somewhat firm)

Meanwhile, in another pan, I sauté one quarter to half a yellow or white onion in some butter.

In a big mixing bowl, I crack four-six eggs and whisk them briefly. (I usually use four eggs, because the broccoli takes up more space. But when I am making a different quiche, like a spinach and feta, those can take five or six eggs, so the amount varies depending on the kinds of ingredients and how much of the ingredients you use.)

I drain the broccoli when it is done and put it in the bowl of eggs.

Then I put in the softened onions.

I add salt and pepper and some cream, half and half, or milk (I use anywhere from a tablespoon to a half cup, depending on what sort of dairy product it is and the amount of eggs I am using.)

I stir everything together and then pour it into a prepared pie pan.

I cook it around 375-400 for approx. an hour (After approx. forty minutes, I start checking it every ten minutes or so. I test it by putting a toothpick in the center.  If it comes out with liquid on it, the quiche is done.)

I let the quiche sit for approx. ten minutes before slicing or serving.

I like to serve quiche with a simple salad, but I'll also serve it with a bunch of grapes.


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