A few years ago, I bought myself a parrot, because I love birds and I had always wanted a parrot. 

For a while, my parrot loved me best. 

I was definitely the first person he bonded with. 

But after a few years of being in/ around our family all day every day, my parrot gradually decided he loves my youngest daughter best of all. 

So at this point, he is always with her, and will not stay with anyone else for long (unless the youngest isn't home or is still asleep.) 

But even then, the bird will cry out to wake her up (if she's asleep) or he will cry out to make sure she's no where in the neighborhood (if she's not in the house).

It's definitely somewhat comedic, since the bird has no issue making you or anyone but her feel like chopped liver. 

He rides along with her for morning chores. 

He sits with her while she reads. 

He will literally fly around you and anyone else to get to her. 

Of course, I am trying not to be bitter about how things have sorted themselves out. 

I'm looking at the situation rationally: 

This is helping with my sanctification.

There's probably a pecking order around here, and naturally, the bird probably feels most comfortable with the youngest and smallest (at the bottom) rather than with me (admittedly, somewhere very near the top). 

I love my daughter, so I can see how I ought to be thrilled she has a strong bond with a pet. 

And of all my children, she has a special place in her heart for animals. 

So though he was supposed to be my bird, I can't say I blame him for choosing her after all. 

I mean, she's pretty adorable. 

And aren't they adorable together? 




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