February in Books

February has been the month of reading books my daughter has been insisting that I read for some time. 

I so enjoyed Dune. I'm surprised by this, but my daughter loved it, so that spoke volumes to me. At this point, I really trust her taste. As much as I liked Dune, and I really liked it, I am not sure I'll read any of the other books in the series yet, since I have many other books I want to read. 

I also finished The Fiddler's Green, another book my daughter loves. I may have cried almost the whole time. It is the second book in the two-book series. It's full of adventure and has heartbreaking moments. But it's also heart warming and in total, it is a redemptive story. I think this one would be a good read aloud for a family with later elementary, middle, and high school aged kids. 


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