Valentine Figurines

My youngest made Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth to help decorate our mantle for February/ Valentines Day.

I find a lot of charm in the clay carvings my kids make through the years with their perfect imperfections. 

My middle daughter also made two friends, one giving the other a gift. 

These friends makes me think of the verse: "It is more blessed to give than it is to receive." 

I don't have many decorations for Valentines, so the girls were trying to add to my collection. 

I think they found some really beautiful ways of expressing what the holiday of love means to them. 

I love their hearts.

And I love the beauty in their souls reflected in the art they choose to make and the ideas that are capturing their imaginations. 

I know I'll enjoy these Valentine figurines for as many Februaries as the Lord gives me. 



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