Managing Tutoring Foundations and Essentials

I am tutoring both Foundations and Essentials this year, and honestly, it takes quite a lot of planning and organizing. 

It's the second week of our CC year, and I already find that the various tasks involved with tutoring can constantly loom over me and distract me from giving my kids the focused attention they need. 

And that's going to keep happening unless I'm careful.  

So I'm trying an experiment. 

I just finished all my plans for the week, and it's more than twenty four hours ahead of the time we have to leave for our community day. 

I even made a list, checked it twice, and packed the car with all the little stuff I have to take. 

The only thing I'll need to do to prepare for our CC day is help the girls pack lunches the day before.  

My daughters still have a full day of homeschool tomorrow before community the next day.

So I'm really looking forward to being totally free to focus on them. 

We'll see how this goes. 

But having it all done this far ahead feels so lovely right now as I sip tea and type this, this may be the way I strive to manage tutoring Foundations and Essentials in addition to homeschooling my own girls. 

Don't misunderstand me. 

Tutoring at my CC community is a gift and reward, and I've done it for years and years and years, but the workload is real. 

And this post is about managing the workload for Foundations and Essentials so that I can still give your kids the best portion of my attention.   

If you tutor, too, and the workload threatens to loom, distract, and overwhelm your homeschool day, especially the day right before community, it might help if you, too, just dive in days ahead and plan and settle all the details (and even pack your car) long before it's actually necessary. 


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