This is the testimony of Jan

This is the testimony of Jan, unfortunately, when she met a group of other homeschool moms in the park.

"What kind of homeschooler are you?" they asked. 

Jan confessed, she did not deny, but confessed, "I use a combination of resources."

And they asked her, "What then? Would you say you are a Charlotte Mason homeschooler?"

Jan said, "No." 

"Are you Classical?"

Jan answered, "What does that mean?"

"Are you Neo-Classical?"


So they said to her, "What method do you use? We'd like to make some broad, sweeping judgements about you. What do you say about your homeschool?"

Jan said, "Our education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life." 

They asked her, "How can you quote Mason if you are neither Charlotte Mason nor Classical?" 

Jan answered, "I have the Holy Spirit, and He guides me into all truth." 

At this, they went away murmuring, offended. 

Some of them dismissed Jan as Neo-Classical, since she will continue to use whatever books she wants. 

The wind blew, and Jan sighed. 

Then Jan continued sketching a flower in her nature journal until her daughter, who had been reading in the shade of a nearby tree, ran up to her, and told her all about the book she just finished. 


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