Wonderful are all His works

This lovely verse in Paradise Lost reminds me of our Foundations Memory Work, so I put it on the front of our Foundations guide. 

"For wonderful are all His works, Pleasant to know and worthiest to be all had in remembrance always with delight." -Milton

All his works- The facts our family has been putting to memory for the last ten years of Foundations with Classical Conversations compass all God's works, all subjects from Bible passages to math and science laws to world geography. 

Pleasant to know- It's pleasant to have a storehouse of knowledge including a timeline and a map of the world to constantly reference and feed your imagination or inform whatever you are doing, reading the news, taking nature walks, visiting museums, or reading stories.

In Remembrance always- We share beloved books and poetry and music in common, and this shared content builds our family culture. Memory Work builds this culture, too. Since we all share them in common, the facts come back into our thoughts and lives and conversation constantly. 

With delight- The way we go about storing and recalling the information with chants and games and motions and songs is delightful, particularly for the youngest people in our family. But even the grown ups and teens still enjoy singing a history sentence with the family when it comes up and just for the simple fun of it.  

For no fact stored in a living mind remains unrelated to other ideas for long. Minds go to work at once clothing bare facts with layers upon layers of understanding, relating one fact to another fact already known and loved, weaving a beautiful tapestry of related ideas, and making all into one glorious unity which fosters imagination, curiosity, wonder, and doxology- for wonderful are all His works.   


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