An Uncommonly Common Saturday

Dwayne made us all bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches Saturday morning. The smell of bacon has the most profound effect on pre-teens and teens who are usually happy to stay in bed reading until noon. 

With Norah home for the summer, the girls had the idea of going to the thrift store together, something they all truly enjoy and enjoy even more when they can go together. 

I made them do all their chores first, and shower, I did my chores first and showered, too. 

But I was happy to take them, happy to be free to so. Most days, there are a few things on the calendar, but I actually had a full day off for once. 

My kids have none of the prejudice against old, used, or even dusty and broken things that I would expect them to have. So to them, entering a thrift store is the start of a treasure hunt. 

And the prices there make shopping much less of a liability and much more fun. 

And the girls always do well to find the good things hidden in any thrift store. 

Adele found a new, adorable, stuffed narwhale. 

Norah found a mint-condition Sound of Music record. 

Avril found a vintage skirt she's wearing to church today.

I found a copy of Education, Christianity, and The State by Machen. The title rang some bell in the depths of my memory, but this is basically a book and a person I knew nothing about until I Googled him when I got home. I'm devouring the book, highlighting much. 

The girls also helped me find six, different cup and saucer sets for a class that I'm going to teach at one of our homeschool co-ops called "Tea Time." We'll be brewing and drinking a pot of tea each class and talking about tea-related topics. 

After thrifting, we had a pizza lunch at a little Italian place we all love. 

The girls also had gift-certificates to the big, box, bookstore gifted to them by our generous neighbors at Easter, so we went there and bought brand new books, too.  

After crashing on the couches or beds and silently reading for an hour or two once home, we made dinner and to finish the meal, I made a pot of hot tea and we all drank out of our new (and freshly washed) tea cups. 

We read from The Two Towers, our current read-aloud, and then headed to bed. 

I'm wise enough to know I'm blessed to have such an uncommonly common Saturday with my family. 


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