Smashbooks Begun

The girls went to a friend's birthday party last night. One of the party activities was creating smashbook pages. All the moms were prepared in advance, so we planned ahead and printed pictures and gathered paraphernalia that was all of the same theme, so each girl at the party could build her own page/s. 

I planned it so that Avril could do a smashbook page about her recent Mock Trial for Challenge B. And I planned so that Adele could do a smashbook page on Faces of History for Essentials. 

Their pages turned out great! 

As the party favor, the girls were sent home with their own smashbooks, blank scrapbooks, so that they could continue adding more and more smashbook pages. 

So today, the girls printed hundred of pictures and pulled out the stickers and scrapbook supplies and washi tape, etc. They added more pages with different themes such as field trips, sisters, family, and even pages devoted to specific friends.  

What a fun, new hobby! And now that summer vacation has begun, this is a great way to pass the leisure time, reminisce, and give thanks about the past school year. 

I'm not sure the girls would have ever started this hobby if not for a simple birthday party activity. This is just another way our friends bring so much richness into our lives!


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