My kids love to quote the quotes and sing the songs from Fiddler on the Roof as they go through their days. 

"If I were a rich man..."

And "Tradition! Tradition!" 

Speaking of tradition, my kids seem to love observing tradition so much, they will take every opportunity to make tradition out of anything and everything. 

When my oldest daughter went through Challenge B years ago, she made me wait until after her short story was written and published by her Challenge B director to actually read it. 

This somehow became common knowledge in the household, so my middle daughter wanted to do the same.  

As she went through Challenge B this last year and as she was writing her short story for Challenge B, she also insisted on making us wait to hear her story until after it was finished and after it had been published by her director. 

She read it to us the other evening, just as our oldest had done, and naturally, we discussed her story with her just like we did with our oldest. 

Interestingly, my middle daughter's story was about a boy who had to go through the same trials to earn his sword that his older brother did when it was time to earn his sword and that his dad had done before them both when it was time to earn his sword... 

Homeschooling all my kids with Classical Conversations means they are all basically doing the same assignments that their siblings did at the same stage of life. And this creates a lot of camaraderie and fellowship among my kids as they actually really enjoy talking to each other about the various projects and assignments they have all done even if they didn't enjoy doing the assignments at the time they had to do them. 

Having my kids all on the same homeschool path provides potential for just about anything and everything to become, "Tradition. Tradition!" And since these traditions seem so very important to my kids, we parents dutifully observe them diligently and joyfully.



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