Pictures of This Busy Season

I've included a collection of random pictures taken in this busy season. 

The girls were invited to a friend's music recital. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon event with the most outstanding musicians. 

I make dinner often and with Norah home from college, it's a cherished time together in conversation. With three, well-disciplined daughters, I don't often have to clean up. There's a picture of Avril washing pot and pans, showing mock rage because everyone keeps piling dirty dishes into the sink. 

I've hosted two Classical Conversations events this past week alone. (I have another event early next week.) One was a Scribbler's Playdate at the park with more than thirty people. The other was a Lost Tools of Writing training, also with more than thirty people. My family was with me for both events, helping me. The great thing about homeschooling is that it's a family affair, and we don't live lives separate from our children. I took a photo at the end of the Scribbler's Playdate. All the girls had settled onto one blanket to chat. 

Avril's on the dance team for VBS this summer, so this season is also filled with those practices and with visiting while the kids practice and making and sharing dinners with the kids. Shown above is one of their practices outside the church on a nice, summer evening. 

It's a busy season! 

But it's lovely to have so many people in our lives and lives filled with so many good things! 


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