A Lyme Lament

 Lord, please attend to my body.

It is being overwhelmed and undone by my sins.

I can't breathe; I cough all day long, even coughing on others.

My skin is red, blotchy, hot, itchy. 

I am weighed down by fat.

In all my motions, I am undermineded by weakness in joints and acute muscle pain. 

My closest friends are too distracted to notice my distress or be concerned. 

I need healing, deliverance even. 

Something within or without or within and without is killing me, consuming my vitality over years. 

My bones waste away. 

I try to keep doing the right, the good, but my hands fail, my feet tire, and less and less is possible. 

I am in no condition to glorify You.

But I will glorify You with what strength I have, because You are where all glory belongs. 

You are altogether whole and lovely and the source of all life. 

I put my hope in Your help. 

You have always had compassion and mercy on those who sought You and reached out to You for aide. 

Save me! 

Human doctors are trying, but they can only know and do so much. 

But You, O Lord, can do all things, and You know what I need. 

I wait for You. 


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