Dwayne got a new, unexpected work vehicle- a Jeep Rubicon!

He took this picture while out on a local trail with a male friend from work. 

The pictures look awesome, but I'm glad he didn't take me; I'd have been quite nervous to go along. 

But I'll need to get over my nerves, because we've signed the family up for a Jeep Jamboree in September in the mountains of Pennsylvania, and the trails at the Jamboree will be like this or even more intense. 

The Jamboree is a bucket-list event, something we've dreamed of doing since we owned our first Jeep, a Liberty, A.K.A. "Libby," for the first several years of my mom-life. 

Libby was our one and only family car until we bought a second, commuter car for Dwayne, and we kept Libby until I just desperately needed a minivan for all the little kids and cargo we had. 

And I needed better gas mileage, too. 

So we sold Libby to another family. 

We definitely kept her well-maintained;  They even called us on and off for a while to tell us how much they were blessed by her, and that made our hearts hurt a little less for having give her up. 

I really forgot all about Jeeps and Jamborees. 

It's just a vehicle. 

And we were too busy paying bills and growing into and filling up even larger family vehicles for many years since. 

We didn't expect to own a Jeep again... 

But the Rubicon came as a nice surprise to us all this summer. 

I had forgotten how much fun Jeeps are to drive. 

We are so thankful for the unexpected fun this Jeep has brought into our lives. 

The girls love riding in it, too, and we often beg Dwayne to take my Suburban, so we can drive his Jeep around town instead. 


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