Circe National Convention Plus Afternoon Tea

I have been blessed to attend the Circe National Conference the last several summers. 

The last two years, it was in Charleston, and since my mom lives nearby, I would coordinate my summer visit to her house with the conference. 

And the last two years, I also took my oldest daughter Norah along to the conference during the day, and I brought my husband along for the evening events like my Apprenticeship Graduation and the Paideia Award Banquet. 

But this summer, Norah needed to stay home and work to earn money for college, so I took only Dwayne instead. 

He and I looked right and left and realized we actually  had the freedom to travel together since we our oldest daughter is now an adult, so she was old enough to stay with our younger kids! 

It was a great trip, and we've already purchased tickets for next summer's conference, too. 

The day of our flight home, we had some time in the afternoon to go to tea at another local hotel in downtown Denver. 

Since I am teaching a class on tea time at our co-op this season, the timing was perfect. 

I had never been to such a formal tea time before; It was lovely! 

Updated August 20:

This formal tea experience taught me a few things and changed me in a few definitive ways. 

For instance, I am now of the mind that loose leaf tea is far better than bagged tea. 

I don't take milk in my tea anymore. 

We've purchased sugar clumps for our home. 

And now we make tea almost every evening after dinner and drink it as we read aloud. 


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