I Need A Cross With Jesus On It

I need a cross with Jesus on it

Suspended, silent, suffering there

All agency given up and over

Hands and feet pierced and bound

Head bowed, humble, resolute

For my crucifixion is ongoing.

I can’t abide the polished ones

Hanging empty, sterile, lifeless.

I need the pulsing, breathing, bleeding One

To fix my eyes upon.

I am in fellowship with Suffering!

My body, too, is Center 

Of some great contest 

A point, the origin, uniting all opposites

Arms horizontal, bearing others in

Body vertical, bringing all to God

The mind in Heaven

The feet in Hell.

Someday He’ll take me down from here;

He'll give me leave to me come all the way

Receive my spirit 

Bury me

And wrap me up into Him!

Then my cross will be of gold 

And very small 

And altogether separate from my flesh.

To my hands stretched out

From His hands He gives me to hold

A bright token of remembrance;

He gives me to wear a glory universal

To demonstrate this Particular Love 

We will have now shared.


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