It's quite possible that Norah has the two best Sunday School teachers on the planet. It's a husband and wife team and they do an unbelievable job. You'd think Norah was coming home from vacation Bible school each week, not just plain ol' Sunday school, by the way her arms are always loaded down with snacks and arts and crafts and story papers and how her face is all smiles and her voice is all excited talking. I thought, by the shear amount of materials she brings home each week, that her teachers were sending it all with her, but it turns out, I was wrong. The kids are doing some serious crafts week after week that I don't even see. Last week, Norah was building what looked like a virtual Noah's ark out of Popsicle sticks and paste. I told her to "get her craft" because I saw them there on the table, but that's when the teacher said, "No. That stays. We'll send it home with the others in her portfolio at the end of the year." Her portfolio?! What?! I took some photos of the little book they gave her with her name on it and some of the pages inside. Every kid enrolled in the class gets one of these. Norah brings it back every Sunday and they add new pictures and memory verses to it. We live forty minutes away from our church, as many of you know, so Norah will often look at the book and read the verses to herself during the long commute. She is also singing all manner of songs to herself that I have never even heard, but that I can tell from the lyrics she must have learned on Sundays. I cannot even begin to estimate the impact this program will have on her spiritual development, but I am already thankful for the fruit that I already see. A parent just can't underestimate the importance of this kind of thing.


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