Norah drew this picture of herself and her dad running the bases together. He will often practice t-ball with her when he has free time. I wouldn't say we pushed Norah to play t-ball, like some parents are known to do. But, we figured she had to do something and she hadn't expressed a strong desire for or against anything in particular. Our neighborhood park runs a top-notch t-ball program (people come from all over town to play here) and the games are all five minutes from our house, so baseball was a real no-brainer for our family. But, that's just what is working for us right now. I think this picture proves that it's not about what you do with your kids, so much as that you do something deliberate (like t-ball) to spend constructive time with them and make opportunities to form lasting impressions in their minds. I will, of course, keep this drawing forever. But, even if it happens to get ruined by some accident, I love knowing the real memory will be locked safe in Norah's mind forever.