Avril is a very pleasant kitchen companion. She is quite content to just watch me work while her sister is off doing something else. She doesn't distract me (much). I will often give her a little snack of pretzels or fruit to munch on while she "helps Momma." This makes her feel really special. I let her taste things here and there and I let her steal as much shredded cheese as she wants from my pile if I happen to be shredding cheese. She loves shredded cheese. I really enjoy this time with Avril. It's fast becoming one my favorite things to do with her.


Amanda said…
She is getting so big! I love checking out your blog and watching your girls grow up. I know they will be such sweet big sisters to your new little one!
Amy Wilson said…
One of my favorite things to do with Belle to! She LOVES to wear her apron her Aunt Pam made for her too! Have you made one for your little kitchen helper?

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