I got this new spring/ summer outfit for Avril at the thrift store for $4. The shirt and shorts are both Circo brand from Target, both in "like new" condition.

But these pieces didn't come home at the same time. The shirt was purchased several months ago, well before it was in season. The shorts were purchased just last week.

I get almost all the girls' clothes at the thrift store now and I am managing to find each kid several more pieces of clothing in their size each season and still spending less on two kids than I spent buying everything new for one kid.

If I go often, comb the shelves and buy things a little big or ahead of season, I find almost everything the girls need in the way of everyday clothes. I haven't had as much luck finding enough pajama sets or shoes in their sizes, though. So, half the time, I end up having to buy those items new. However, I have gotten lucky here and there. I found both the girls' dress shoes to match their Christmas dresses for less than $5 together. 

Before I went the way of thrift, I never understood how anyone on a budget could enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes. For me, it was downright stressful, grievous and worrisome to find and buy enough new clothes and new shoes every season, even when shopping at some of the cheapest stores. But now, I understand how shopping can be fun. It's enjoyable to be "rewarded" with a great find after persistently combing the shelves on a regular basis.


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