More and more, Avril insists on being a part of what's going on at the kitchen table. And more and more, I find it difficult to exile her to another room while Norah and I do lessons. Avril's getting older so she seems more aware of the fact that mom and Norah are doing something special together and she is not a part of it. When she cries as she leaves the room to go play alone, her tears are genuine now, so it's difficult not to sympathize with her. Therefore, I have been letting her stay near us more often. Most of the time, I have activities for her to do at the table or even under the table that keep her close by but busy. But, as you can see, there are times, however brief, when she can be very distracting. When that's happening, I focus on training Norah who is old enough now to handle it, to just ignore her sister and keep working. I've heard other home school moms say their toddlers were a challenge like this so this stage isn't taking me by complete surprise. Such is the nature of doing school where you live. We will just keep plugging away, doing our best every day till this challenge passes and a new one like a nursing infant/ third child takes its place.


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