Frankincense Essential Oil to Moisturize Your Face and Heal Blemishes

I have started using Frankincense Essential Oil to moisturize my face.

I know two women who have near flawless, glowing skin and both of them have been using essential oils on the their face for years.  That's part of the reason I was so interested in these oils to begin with.

I asked one of them how she cares for her skin and she said that she uses Young Living products, washes her face, then puts a dab of moisturizer and two drops of Frankincense (or Myrrh) onto her palm, mixes them up, and then rubs this all over her face and neck.

Using Young Living facial products is something I can't afford to do just yet, but I decided to use what I already have and just start adding two drops of Frankincense to my moisturizer. 


I've been doing this and my skin shines more without being oily to the touch and any blemishes I have seem to come and go very quickly, healing faster than they used to. Frankincense also smells divine and feels so, so luxurious. 


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